Ningbo JIACHENG Network Electron Co., Ltd.

Add.: East District, Guanhaiwei Industrial Zone, Cixi City, Zhejiang Province, China

Tel.: +86-574-63660603

Fax: +86-574-63656621

Contact Person: Qianwu Mi (Leo)

As a pioneering data rack and cabinet supplier in China, JIACHENG has more than 20 years of production experience in this field, and the first export deal dates back to over 10 years ago. We try all means to guarantee superior product quality, and our effort is mainly divided into two aspects aside from employee training.

1. Raw Material and Production Flow
Our company has cooperated with many large steel corporations for decades, and this makes it possible for us to purchase high-quality steel at a relatively low cost. After raw materials are delivered to our factory, subsequent manufacturing procedures are conducted and finished on our own, so we can strictly control product quality and production cost at every step.

As a result, cost-effective server racks and cabinets are fabricated, and they are compliant with international environmental protection requirements.

2. Production Equipment
To keep pace with the ever-growing market demand, we have imported several pieces of advanced CNC equipment, including TRUMPF laser cutting machine (TruLaser 3030), TRUMPF punch press (TruPunch 1000), AMADA turret punch (AMADA AC 2510NT), AMADA press brake (AMADA RG-M2 1003) and so on. These machines not only guarantee product quality, but also cut down delivery time.