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Data Cabinet in Network Center

JIACHENG offers professional network equipment installation solutions for network centers, and our data cabinets are commonly used in data centers, financial enterprises, Internet companies, etc.

Case 1: Burj Al Arab, Dubai
In 1997, we cooperated with a telecom equipment distributor in Dubai, and helped him win bid to provide data cabinets to Burj Al Arab as a result of our competitive price and short lead time.
For this project, over 600 sets of data cabinets were needed, and we finished production and delivery within required time, perfectly satisfying our client's demand. Now, this client still keeps a stable cooperative relationship with us, and we have never let him down.

Case 2: Federation Tower, Moscow, Russia
Five years ago, we offered assistance to a Russian telecom equipment distributor, and he was finally authorized to supply server cabinets for the Federation Tower in Moscow.
This order was about several thousand server cabinets, but we successfully manufactured these products and transported them to the hands of our client in time. The data cabinets were proved to be of reliable quality, and we also provided technical support during installation.