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    1. NA Network Cabinet

      The NA network cabinet is a classic model of cabinet enclosure, and it offers reliable enclosure solutions for data centers. It can be disassembled into different parts to bring extra convenience for delivery, thus cutting down shipping cost.

    1. NB Network Cabinet

      In addition, these parts can be assembled together in an extremely easy way, and a lot of accessories are available here. Our network cabinet has a welded frame, and it is possible to move this product or keep it in place due to the implementation of castors and jacking feet.

    1. NE Network CabinetBoth front door and back door are manufactured from steel rather than glass, and this design provides better protection for electrical equipment inside. Fitted with castors and jacking feet at the same time, our network cabinet is very robust.
    1. EA Server Cabinet

      On the other hand, the back door is completely perforated (mesh type), and the side panels are removable. In this way, both good mechanical protection and excellent heat dispersion are achieved, while operators are still allowed to check the working status of servers inside.

    1. SF Server Cabinet

      There is a cable access hole on the roof, and the base is completely open to facilitate cabling process. The mounting profile allows standard installation of servers, and it can be expanded as requested.

    1. NC Server Cabinet

      This 19-inch server rack has a welded frame, and it can be disassembled into different parts to facilitate shipping. A cooling fan is fixed on the top cover of our data cabinet for better heat release, and there are adjustable cable access holes on the roof and base.

    1. ND Server Cabinet

      The ND server cabinet is a cost-effective floor standing data cabinet, and it takes up a high market share at present. That not only because of its elegant appearance, but also resulted from its outstanding properties as listed below.

    1. Fully Assembled Wall Mounted Cabinet

      Our wall mounted rack has a welded structure, so it is very sturdy and robust. The pre-assembled wall cabinet uses high-quality cold rolled steel to make its frame, and it can be fixed to walls conveniently since there are mounting holes at the back side.

    1. Disassembled Wall Mounted Cabinet

      It can be assembled together easily. In this regard, it is also known as flat pack data cabinet. For mesh doors, there are a lot of round or hexagonal holes on them for the purpose of ventilation, so IT equipment inside our demountable wall cabinet enjoys good heat dissipation which is very important to maintain ...

    1. RA Open Frame RackThis is a standard 19-inch open rack with 4 posts, and it has a simple but robust structure to realize easy assembly, transportation and maintenance. Our 4 post rack has four castors to allow convenient movement, and its shelves could be adjusted freely in the vertical direction.
    1. RB Open Frame RackThanks to the open structure, this 2 post rack provides unobstructed airflow and easy access to network equipment, so operators will find it very convenient to monitor, maintain and manage installed equipment.
    1. RC Open Frame RackOur 2-post open frame rack has a demountable structure, and this simple structure offers easy access to installed equipment for the purpose of monitoring and maintenance.
  • Distribution BoardThe front door allows 180° opening, and the front panel is demountable to facilitate equipment installation and maintenance. In addition, locks are optional. For this distribution board, cables can be introduced from both left and right sides, and the faceplate is adjustable.
    1. TA Electrical EnclosureFor this control cabinet, there is a blind hinge on the front door that provides 130° opening, and a 3 point lock is used to enable more secure locking. Furthermore, this front door can be fitted on or taken down easily, and there are plastic sealing strips at contact locations of door and frame ...
    1. CA Electrical EnclosureThe CA electrical enclosure has a large internal space, and its frame is fabricated from SPCC cold rolled steel. Due to multi-fold technology and high-quality sealing strip, dust and water are prevented from penetrating into our electric equipment cabinet.