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Outdoor Cabinet

The outdoor cabinet is designed to install telecom equipment, access equipment, power supply, monitoring equipment, A/V equipment, fiber distribution equipment and so on.

1. This outdoor electrical enclosure has double-walled side panels and back panels, and the spacing between two panels is 25mm, thus providing effective heat exchange and all-round solar shield.

2. The front door is outfitted with a high-end lock, while the side and back panels are screw-fastened and only visible from the inside of our 19-inch outdoor cabinet to deter unwanted access or vandalism.

3. There is a top-mounted rain canopy, which is 75-mm-high and stretches 25mm out to all the four directions, used to direct windblown rain away from cabinet body, and it also helps to enhance heat exchange.

4. The fully enclosed waterproof cabinet has 6 fans on the top to improve ventilation, and there are blind holes on the left and right sides for better heat dissipation.

Aside from ones with fans, we also provide outdoor cabinet with air conditioning unit or heat exchanger.

Technical Data of Outdoor Cabinet
Standard EN60529/10.91, IEC60529, GB4208-93
Raw material Cold rolled steel (SPCC)
Protection class IP65
Surface finish Degreasing, pickling, parkerising, powder coating
Color of mounting plate RAL2000SN
Color of body, frame, side panel and front door RAL7035CN
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