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Electrical Enclosure

The electrical enclosure, compliant with EN60529/10.91, IEC 60529 and GB4208-93 standards, is widely used to install electric control equipment in outdoor locations, and it offers support, power supply and ventilation for the installed equipment at the same time.

Our outdoor control cabinet is manufactured from high-quality steel to acquire high mechanical strength, while its surface undergoes degreasing, pickling, parkerising and powder coating treatments to give an esthetic appearance. Moreover, conventional accessories are provided to enhance the performance of this electronic enclosure, and our product is customizable.

Owing to the abovementioned properties, our electrical enclosure is commonly used in data, information, electronic, finance and power distribution industries.

    1. TA Electrical EnclosureFor this control cabinet, there is a blind hinge on the front door that provides 130° opening, and a 3 point lock is used to enable more secure locking. Furthermore, this front door can be fitted on or taken down easily, and there are plastic sealing strips at contact locations of door and frame ...
    1. CA Electrical EnclosureThe CA electrical enclosure has a large internal space, and its frame is fabricated from SPCC cold rolled steel. Due to multi-fold technology and high-quality sealing strip, dust and water are prevented from penetrating into our electric equipment cabinet.