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Open Rack

The open rack offers low cost mounting means for rack-mount equipment in IT environments, such as data centers, server rooms or even offices. With a simple yet robust structure, this open frame rack is the ideal choice for servers, networking and telecom equipment where security at individual rack level is not required.

Our open server rack is able to hold many pieces of IT equipment in a well-organized manner, and it provides fast and easy access to installed equipment for monitoring or maintenance. Since there is no door or side panel, cables could run out from the top, bottom or back side freely. In general, our open rack is a cheap but cost-effective product for rack mount equipment.

    1. RA Open Frame RackThis is a standard 19-inch open rack with 4 posts, and it has a simple but robust structure to realize easy assembly, transportation and maintenance. Our 4 post rack has four castors to allow convenient movement, and its shelves could be adjusted freely in the vertical direction.
    1. RB Open Frame RackThanks to the open structure, this 2 post rack provides unobstructed airflow and easy access to network equipment, so operators will find it very convenient to monitor, maintain and manage installed equipment.
    1. RC Open Frame RackOur 2-post open frame rack has a demountable structure, and this simple structure offers easy access to installed equipment for the purpose of monitoring and maintenance.