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Wall Mounted Cabinet

Our wall mounted cabinet, also known as wall mounted rack, is further divided into fully assembled wall cabinet and disassembled wall cabinet. These 19-inch racks are in accordance with CE and ISO 9001 standards, and their height varies from 4U to 27U to meet different customer requirements.

    1. Fully Assembled Wall Mounted Cabinet

      Our wall mounted rack has a welded structure, so it is very sturdy and robust. The pre-assembled wall cabinet uses high-quality cold rolled steel to make its frame, and it can be fixed to walls conveniently since there are mounting holes at the back side.

    1. Disassembled Wall Mounted Cabinet

      It can be assembled together easily. In this regard, it is also known as flat pack data cabinet. For mesh doors, there are a lot of round or hexagonal holes on them for the purpose of ventilation, so IT equipment inside our demountable wall cabinet enjoys good heat dissipation which is very important to maintain ...