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Network Cabling

JIACHENG provides worldwide customers with various network cabling solutions for wiring and integration of server rack and cabinets, and our product catalog mainly covers LAN cable, cable manager, patch cord, patch panel, patch lead plug and other protection devices for electrical appliances.

Our network cabling components take advantage of aluminum alloy to fabricate their housings, so they are lightweight products with superb heat dissipation property. On the other hand, the high-performance insulation materials help to completely isolate live parts from housings, and grounding devices are designed to be installed in server cabinets, thus ensuring safe and reliable working of networking equipment.

    1. Modular Plug
      UL application Max. 250VAC at 2A
      Dielectric withstand voltage500VAC
      Insulation resistance100MΩ
    1. Cable Management
      Description3.2U cable manager
      MaterialABS (UL94V-0)
      BurrMax. 0.1mm
    1. Faceplate
      Description 1-port faceplate with shutter, 86 type
      Cover material Flame retardant ABS (UL94V-0)
      Burr Max. 0.05mm
    1. Keystone Jack
      Description Cat 5e keystone jack, 90 degrees, 3U'', dual IDC
      Transmitting capability 100MHz
      MOQ 5000
    1. LAN Cable
      Description 4 pair Cat 5e UTP 24AWG LAN cable with PVC jacket
      Test Permanent link test (90 meter)
      Box size 35×35×20cm
    1. Networking Tools
      CodeCrimperCoax stripperCutterConnector
      LE-K13H510B518F17501A206F×10pcs, BNC×10pcs, RCA×10pcs
    1. Patch Cord
      Code LEUTP5EGY-PVC
      Description Cat 5e UTP patch cord, 24AWG stranded conductor
      Testing Fluke channel test
    1. Patch PanelCode: LECAT5EPCB+UTP24
      Description: 19" 1U 24 Port Cat 5e patch panel with back bar PCB
      MOQ: 200