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Network Cabinet

The network cabinet provides innovative and cost-effective solutions when arranging rack mounted equipment, and it offers maximum flexibility for distribution frame, high-density data center and so on.

This network equipment meets the requirements of ISO 9001 Quality Management System, and it is widely utilized to place standard 19-inch-wide equipment and other equipment regulated by ETSI.

Our 19-inch rack not only supports rack mounted devices, but also provides power supply, ventilation and protection for them, making our network cabinet an indispensable device in computer, information, electronic, financial, electrical engineering and many other industries.

    1. NA Network Cabinet

      The NA network cabinet is a classic model of cabinet enclosure, and it offers reliable enclosure solutions for data centers. It can be disassembled into different parts to bring extra convenience for delivery, thus cutting down shipping cost.

    1. NB Network Cabinet

      In addition, these parts can be assembled together in an extremely easy way, and a lot of accessories are available here. Our network cabinet has a welded frame, and it is possible to move this product or keep it in place due to the implementation of castors and jacking feet.

    1. NE Network CabinetBoth front door and back door are manufactured from steel rather than glass, and this design provides better protection for electrical equipment inside. Fitted with castors and jacking feet at the same time, our network cabinet is very robust.